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We Will Fly, Blaze, and Slice

    Welcome to Ascendant Justice, we will bring peace to the galaxy through power. We will become stronger through unity and gain wisdom through the forges of battle. Go forth, win battles, make enemies and burn them from the sky. Bring justice to the galaxy.


    Greetings all, as the fleet grows we must maintain order and organization among the members. And we need to have a system of watching each others backs. So we are dividing into teams to improve our survival and to improve our PvP and PvE skills. Each core team will consist of one player from each class and be augmented by members of other classes depending on the way your team decides to plays. Once you have your teams set up you can post it in the forum with the names of the members and classes. Thank you all-We Will Fly,Blaze, and Slice.
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“Sphere of Influence” Now Live, yes we know, but do you know how to get Advanced Obelisk Swarmers.

chetterhumman, Nov 4, 13 7:39 PM.

The Return of Hearts and Minds

cocopuff7, Jul 12, 12 3:44 PM.
The mini-mission Hearts and Minds is back! It will be available from around 6pm PDT on Thursday July 12 until around 6am PDT on Saturday July 14. Don't forget to wear an EVA suit for the event. Fly, Blaze, and Slice.

New Federation and Klingon flag ship details

chetterhumman, Feb 1, 12 3:05 PM.
The STO wiki has now posted info on the new Federation and Klingon flag ships.

Odyssey Star Cruiser

Bortas Battle Cruiser

I know many of us are looking forward to getting our hands of them and soon they will be available via a special mission. The wait will soon be over and everyone can get there hands on one. Fly, Blaze, and Slice.

2 million EC Top Ace competition

chetterhumman, Oct 28, 11 8:18 PM.
Pit your dog fighting skills against the best in the fleet, the Top Ace competition will be Delta Flyer Vs. Delta Flyer the winner will take home the grand prize of 2 million EC and named the Ascendant Justice Top Ace. RSVP by November 7 2011. Fly, Blaze, and Slice.

Voting begin on proposed restructure of Chief Officer system

chetterhumman, Oct 17, 11 12:50 AM.
As the fleet grow it becomes necessary as per the fleets laws to make changes as needed. The current system of Chief Officers is a class based system of one chief officer of each class equaling three Chief Officers total. However as we move into new aspects of the game we may need to change the ranking system within the fleet. The general rules and guidelines of Ascendant Justice are located on the web site under Rules and Structure  this lays out the current system and planning for those who want more detail about our structure. You may click here to begin voting the questions that will need to be answered are one should we change the Chief Officer system, two if it is found that we should then we will have to decide on what that new structure will look like. Please cast your votes here so that we can begin the review process. Fly, Blaze, and Slice.
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